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Adventure Time Break the Worm Beat-Em-Up Game

This is a classic beat em up game where you play Finn trapped in a nightmare on a quest through 3 worlds to defeat a worm, gaining a unique magical power in each world. Beating the game unlocks a second harder version of the game called Nightmare Mode.

  • Hit enemies to kill them. If the enemies block your hits consider jumping then striking as jump hits are rarely blocked.
  • When your magic meter is half full or entirely full you can use your magic powers to defeat enemies.
  • Be sure to break the boxes around the levels to collect health and extra lives.





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Children and adults can play this free beat ’em up nightmare adventure game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and parents can play this cartoon beat ’em up game as a web application .

Adventure Time Break the Worm Beat-Em-Up Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Beat up enemies and use your special powers to navigate your way through 3 fun levels to break the worm.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click the “Play” button in the lower left corner.
      • If you have already played the game in the past there will be buttons for “New Game” or “Continue.”
      • If you have already beaten all 3 worlds there will also be a button for “Nightmare Mode.”
    • Your game progress (including spare lives, beat world, and high scores in each level) is stored in your local web browser.
      • You get a star rating for each level & can score up to 5 stars.
      • Each dream / level / world must be beat to unlock the next.
    • The game welcome screen contains a sound control button in the upper right corner.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop: Use your keyboard to control Finn.
      • Arrow keys: move Finn up, down, left or right.
      • Z: attack
      • X: jump
      • C: rotate through special attacks
      • space bar: use special attack
      • X then Z: jump attack
        • enemies that are great at blocking regular attacks are generally poor at blocking jump attacks
    • Mobile or Touchscreen: Tap your screen and use your finger like a mouse on desktop.
    • The game interface has a home button in the upper left corner, and buttons to pause the game or turn sound on or off in the upper right corner.
  • Strategy
    • Super Powers
      • In this game you acquire 3 different special attack super powers which can be used any time your special attack meter is at half power or full power.
        • Shark Attack – you run back and forth on a static horizontal plane attacking people with a shark you manifest. Both other attacks are much more powerful as they allow you to hit just about anything on the screen.
        • Giant Feet – this attack allows you to stomp enemies, though you have to move Finn around the screen to hit them.
        • Fear Attack – conjure a giant octopus which attacks everything on the screen (& even new enemies that spawn during the attack). This attack takes the full special power meter.
    • Lives
      • You start the game with 3 extra lives. It typically takes a decent number of hits to kill you during normal play, however in Nightmare Mode ordinary enemies can kill you in about 3 or 4 hits.
      • In boxes scattered throughout the game there are heart icons which restore some of your health and an icon of Finn’s hat which gives you more lives.
        • You can build up lives which carry over from level to level & from the ordinary game mode to Nightmare Mode.
        • The first time I played the game I beat Dad’s Dungeon with 6 lives and my computer did a restart overnight while I had the game on pause & I was able to start Candy Kingdom with 6 lives.
        • I beat the game with 8 lives and started Nightmare Mode with 8 lives.
        • If your computer crashes or you perform poorly in a level and do not want to exit it to the next level you can restart the game by refreshing your web browser.
          • This will lead you to starting with the same attributes you had at the beginning of the level.
      • When your life is low be prepared to use your special attacks liberally and quickly, especially if there are nearby boxes which could restore your health.
      • If you die, when you are put back into play you can quickly get hit again, so be ready to jump and punch almost immediately.
      • If you lose all your lives you can continue again on the same level you were on and will start with the current life and 3 spare lives.
    • Levels
      • The game has 3 levels or worlds: Ice Kingdom, Dad’s Dungeon, and Candy Kingdom.
      • You must beat each dream / nightmare to unlock the next.
      • Once a level is beat you can go back and play it again, enabling you to achieve a higher score and/or rebuild spare lives.
      • The “Nightmare Mode” of the game has the same 3 levels in it, though they are much harder.
        • Enemies can kill you in only 3 or 4 hits.
        • End bosses can take over 100 hits to kill.
    • Fighting Strategy
      • This game feels a bit like a button masher game. And by that I mean if you just use the punch attack repeatedly it may not work so well, but there are only 2 attack types: regular & special.
      • If the screen is full of enemies and you first jump until you hit something and then keep hitting the punch button it works well.
        • You can score combo hits where you hit an enemy dozens of times even if their health has been depleted after the first half dozen or dozen hits.
        • If you time it right you can transition from a jump attack of one enemy into an attack of another and keep racking up your combo bonus.
        • You can keep punching an enemy and racking up your combo bonus even after it’s health has been fully depleted.
      • In the normal mode the game is quite easy to where you can beat the game with 8 or 9 lives saved up, though in Nightmare Mode the game is much harder, so make sure you have some lives saved up from regular play before entering the Nightmare Mode version of the game.
      • When there are many enemies on the screen use your power attack. If the octopus fear attack is available that often kills so many enemies that they leave behind nearly enough power refills to power another special attack.
      • The first and third levels have end bosses where you can only attack when their protective shield is down.
        • Try to avoid getting hit while their shield is up & attack any other enemies which appear during this period.
        • Move in aggressively for a combo attack or use the fear attack when their shield is down.
      • On the second level in lieu of an end boss there is a sequence where you face many enemies in a row. Be sure to leverage your special power attack repeatedly while the screen is full of enemies.
      • And here are a couple general tips
        • Your opponents try to position you so they are on both sides of you. Run up or down and around to get outside of such a trap.
        • If the level has spikes on it you can have enemies run over the spikes trying to get to you and die. When they die this way you can still pick up power boosts they left behind.
        • Enemies can also die by being shot by flames thrown from worms.
        • Worms only shoot on a straight horizontal plane and typically have a limited range of movement up and down. Be aware of their range and attack the shooting worms one at a time from a position where you are not facing repeated fire from the opposite direction.

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Adventure Time Break the Worm Game Screenshots

Adventure Time Break the Worm Welcome Screen Screenshot.
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Adventure Time Break the Worm Game Screenshot.
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Adventure Time Break the Worm Level Beat Screenshot.
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Adventure Time Break the Worm Welcome Screen Screenshot.
Adventure Time Break the Worm Nightmare Mode Unlocked Screenshot.

Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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