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Coco Monkey

Help the monkey upgrade his coconut collection to a delectable banana in each of the 15 levels.

  • Avoid stepping on spikes or falling off platforms.
  • Shoot your coconuts at spikes to create temporary platforms you can stand on.
  • Convert your coconuts to arrows by jumping on them & use the arrows to build a ladder to climb or knock the banana into an easier to reach location.





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Coco Monkey Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Help the monkey make it to the banana on each stage. Throw coconuts to knock things loose or create temporary platforms. Flatten the coconuts out by jumping on them to create arrows which can fire further or can be used to create ladders to climb high.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the level number you would like to play from the game’s welcome screen.
      • Initially only the first level is unlocked.
      • You unlock a level each time you beat one.
      • Your web browser automatically stores your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Move left using the A key or the left arrow key.
      • Move right using the D key or the right arrow key.
      • Jump using the W key.
      • Aim your coconuts (or coconut arrows) using your mouse cursor, then left click to shoot.
      • Jump on fired coconuts to convert them to coconut arrows. Mouse over any loose coconut or coconut arrow to highlight it in white and use your mouse left click button to pick up unused coconut arrows or thrown coconuts which have not split open.
      • Reset the level by pressing the R key.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • This game was designed primarily for desktop devices.
    • Controls & indicators
      • On each level you are given a number of coconuts to use. As you use them the number of coconuts you have remaining declines, as shown.
      • The upper left corner of the screen shows the current level number.
  • Game Play
    • General play tips
      • Throw whole coconuts when trying to cross large spike paths, or when trying to create a nest for a banana to lay on.
      • When a path is too narrow to get through use coconut arrows to either climb over the danger, or to knock the banana loose and capture it below.
      • If you need to throw a coconut far convert it to a coconut arrow first
      • When throwing coconuts or coconut arrows try to be as close to the target as you can to minimize your odds of error.
      • You get unlimited continues, but you die if you hit the spikes.
      • You do not need to be on stable ground when you collect the banana. As long as you make it to a banana it does not matter if you then fall off platform or hit spikes, so long as the banana capture comes first.
    • Level walkthrough tips are published below.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like platforming games and room escape games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

Coco Monkey Game Walkthrough

  • Level 1: Jump over the spikes and up to the banana.
  • Level 2: Shoot a coconut about 1/3 the way across the spikes, jump on the coconut you shot, shoot another about 2/3 the way across the spikes, jump on it & then up to the banana
  • Level 3: Shoot your coconuts at the ground, then step on them to convert them to coconut arrows. Stand on the ledge in the center of the level and fire a coconut arrow at the banana to knock it off on the other side.
  • Level 4: Jump over the spikes and onto the empty space on the right bottom. Shoot all your coconuts at the wall. Jump on your coconuts to turn them into arrows. Collect your coconuts. Climb up to the platform just left of the low area and shoot a arrow across to stick to the wall on the right high enough that you get some lift but not too high to jump to reach it. From the left edge of the first arrow shoot another higher arrow, jump on it, then jump up to the banana.
  • Level 5: Walk to the right edge of the platform you start on and shoot your coconuts left. Jump on your coconuts to turn them into arrows. Shoot a series of arrows coming down from the left edge of the top platform. Climb those arrows and collect the banana.
  • Level 6: Jump over the first set of spikes to the clearing at the bottom. Shoot all your coconuts at the right wall and jump on them to turn them into arrows. Shoot arrows back and forth up the left and right walls on the right side to climb up to the banana.
  • Level 7: Move right slightly, shoot two coconuts left and stomp them to create two coconut arrows. Shoot a coconut arrow to the wall on your right, jump onto it, and climb the platform to the top left of the screen. Shoot an arrow at the bottom side of the platform to your right, jump on that arrow, then jump across to the right edge of the middle platform. Toss a whole coconut downward, fall onto that coconut, and collect the banana.
  • Level 8: Walk right slightly then shoot all your coconuts left, jump on all coconuts to turn them to arrows. Shoot an arrow fairly high up on the right wall, then keep adjusting your shot slightly to create a bridge hanging out leftward to jump on. Jump onto the bridge, then jump up and collect the banana.
  • Level 9: Move to the right edge of the platform & shoot your coconuts left then jump on them to turn them to arrows. Climb to the top ledge on the left side. Shoot arrows at the bottom left of the top center platform and build a bridge you can climb. Jump over the spikes sticking out and up to the banana.
  • Level 10: Shoot a coconut out far onto the spikes (about as far as you can go while still being able to reach it with a jump). Then shoot 3 to 5 more coconuts onto the spikes in the bottom right to create a nest for the banana above. You are better off shooting long than short since you can collect whole coconuts and add them back to your inventory by clicking on them, but if they are split they are stuck in place. Climb back across to the left side of the screen & turn your remaining coconuts into coconut arrows. Shoot at arrow at the bottom left of the top platform to build a lower bridge you can reach. Jump on that bridge and get near the spikes then shoot an arrow across to knock the banana down. Go back down and pick up the banana.
  • Level 11: Shoot a coconut left and then jump on it to turn it into an arrow. Shoot the arrow at the red switch at the top to open up the level. Be sure to aim high so it curves back into position. If you make an error press the R key to restart. After opening the red switch throw a coconut out onto the spikes to your right, land on that coconut, then throw a coconut either onto the center spikes or the spikes to the right, land on that second coconut and then jump across to the banana.
  • Level 12: Throw a coconut right to have it land on the spikes on the right side. Jump across then fall down onto that first coconut. Shoot a coconut to the wall on the left and fall down onto it. Shoot a coconut to the spikes on the right at the bottom and fall onto it. Jump onto the bottom platform without hitting the switch. Go to the right edge of the platform and throw your coconut left at the switch & catch the banana by jumping right as it falls.
  • Level 13: Shoot all your coconuts and stomp them to turn them to arrows. Climb the ledge on the left and shoot an arrow on the red blocks. Shoot arrows back and forth while climbing them until you reach the top center platform. In some cases you may be able to squeeze in and reach the banana. If you can not then either jump across to the red switch and shoot an arrow back at the banana & collect it at the bottom, or shoot an arrow at the red switch then shoot one at the banana and collect it at the bottom.
  • Level 14: Throw a coconut at the bottom switch. Aiming a bit low is better than aiming high as you can collect the whole coconut again by clicking on it, but if it is cracked on a spike you have to press R to start again. Once you have activated the switch convert your a coconut into an arrow, then climb the left platform & head back toward the center of the screen. Fire an arrow at the banana, then collect it as it rolls out the bottom. If the banana does not roll all the way out you can use the second whole coconut to roll it out. Go to the top platform, jump right and throw the coconut over the platform. As the coconut rolls down the hill it will build up enough momentum to knock the banana out.
    • There is a less convoluted way to beat this level using an arrow on the first switch, but quite often that method leaves the first arrow in such a position that it prevents the banana from having enough momentum to roll out.
    • There is a third way to beat it where you use an arrow to make a ladder and jump onto the highest platform, jump to the far right of the screen, then shoot the banana leftward.
  • Level 15: Shoot a coconut onto the leftmost spike, then create an arrow, jump on that spike & shoot at the switch. Fall through where the red switch platform was & fall to the right. Alternatively you can stand on the red platform, jump and fire an arrow at the switch & then fall through the red platform right (saving you a coconut) but this move requires a bit more dexterity and timing. Jump right down to the bottom. Create two arrows to create a ledge coming in from the right side of the screen to catch the banana from, then shoot an arrow right through the banana from the left side to knock it across right.
    • If you did the extra dexterity part above you can also create a ledge above the spikes on the far left and shoot the arrow at the banana while standing on that.
    • Another option is to throw a coconut on the left spikes then shoot the banana from the right side left.
    • A final option is to knock the banana a bit more left than it initially lands, create a ladder using an arrow on the left wall, and jump back to touch the banana.

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Coco Monkey Speedrun.

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Coco Monkey Game Ladder Screenshot.
Coco Monkey Game Screenshot.
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Coco Monkey Game Beat Screen Screenshot.

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