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This is a kingdom defense game where you play as mighty heroic dwarves protect Defendaria from the evil goblins.

  • Build an army of dwarves.
  • Gain experience and use it to power up your skills.
  • Fight through 9 challenging levels & play the game in 3 different modes.
  • Play through side quests to enable bonus skills.





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Defentures Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Build an army of highly capable dwarves who can protect Defendaria. Fight through 3 game modes across 9 different lands of the realm. Summon the golem and defeat the evil goblins for good!

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the Start button on the game loading screen. This will launch you directly into gameplay with a tutorial.
      • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
    • Controls & indicators
      • Map view
        • On the overview or map view of the world how many stars you have collected out of the number available thusfar are shown in the upper right along with how many gems you have saved.
        • In the lower left there are buttons for settings & seeing which game achievements you have obtained.
        • In the lower right there are buttons for assigning your skill points, obtaining side quests from guilds, and using your gems to shop.
        • Swords which have a glowing red outline are levels you have not yet beat. Swords of other colors mean you have beat at least one version of that stage.
        • When you click on a sword it shows the star rating you have earned from each of the 3 versions of the level. You must beat the classic mode of a level before you are able to play the tactical or rush versions.
      • Level view
        • Across the top the game shows your spells, castle health, fast forward button, pause button, wave number, and how far into the current wave you are.
          • If your spells are a solid color that means they are fully charged. If they have a number on them that indicates how many seconds remain before full recharge.
          • The red castle health meter indicates how much health the castle has left.
          • The fast forward button is blue if the feature is active and gray if it is not.
          • The waves and wave meter indicate which wave you are on, how many total waves there are, and how far along you are on the current wave.
        • Across the bottom it shows how many lives you have, your gold, the types of dwarves you can build, and your bonuses you can use from the shop.
          • If your gold is full it will show the chest overflowing, which indicates you are wasting gold & should create some dwarves.
          • Dwarves will have a red number near them if they cost more treasure than you have & will have their price in white if you can afford them.
            • If you are playing in tactical mode there will be a second number on each dwarf type indicating how many of them you can use in the current wave.
          • One generally should not use the shop bonuses in most cases as those are hard to replenish.
        • To the right side of the screen there is a skull button when the next wave is about to appear.
          • Clicking on that will call them early, earning you bonus gold.
          • This can lead to uncharged spellls not fully recharging before the next wave comes, but it can also allow you to get treasure to finish off the last few enemies in the current wave rather than letting them exit left.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse left click button to select buttons from on the screen, to call the wolf’s howl, or to aim where either archer’s shots or magic spells hit.
      • You can also use your keyboard to perform various tasks.
        • P – pause game
        • Q – swordsman
        • W – marksman
        • E -runic mage
        • R – Hammerman
        • 1 – protect spell
        • 2 – attack spell
        • 3 – meteor spell
        • 6 – add 5 lives
        • 7 – freeze enemies
        • 8 – add 200 coins
        • 9 – reset cooldown
        • 0 – meteor storm
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Use the on screen buttons to play.
  • Game Play
    • Game modes
      • Each location has 3 different modes: classic, tactical, and rush mode.
        • You have to beat the classic mode on each level to play that level in the other modes.
        • As soon as you beat the classic mode for a level you unlock access to the next level.
      • Classic Mode – the basic version of the game where you fight waves of enemies to earn treasure and purchase more troops. Do not let more than a set number of enemies past your defenses & try to destroy their base if you can to end the stage early.
      • Tactical Mode – Summon a limited number of dwarves per wave.
      • Rush Mode – At least one dwarf makes it to the end of the path.
    • Dwarves
      • This game has 4 different types of dwarves, with them being unlocked as you progress through the game.
      • The game starts off with a swordsman, then you unlock the marksman, the runic mage, and by the time you get to level 6 you unlock the last of the dwarves – the hammerman.
      • Each dwarf type has their own strengths and weaknesses.
        • When new enemies are introduced to the game you can click on the tactics button to see what the optimal approach is to beat them.
        • In between waves you can use your in-level experience to equip skills. Equipping skills can make your dwarves more powerful & can also change their price.
    • Spells
      • There are 3 primary spells used in the game & a fourth bonus spell.
        • Attack – boosts the speed of your attack. The boost varies depending on how powered up you make the attack spell using your skill points. Powering up attack once boosts attack speed by 15% and the top tier is 50%.
        • Protect – improve your defenses. The boost varies depending on how powered up you make the protect spell using your skill points. Powering up protect once boosts your defenses 45% and the top tier is 60%.
        • Meteor – drops a meteor on enemies wherever you aim. The boost varies depending on how powered up you make the meteor spell using your skill points. The meteor spell does 50 damage after the first upgrade, but by the time you fully upgrade it the spell does 200 damage, releases a swarm, and leaves behind a crater that ignites enemies which pass through it.
    • Shop
      • In the shop you can buy a variety of power ups which sit in the lower right corner during your battles.
      • Ice costs 50 & temporarily freezes enemies.
      • Laser eyes costs 60 & recovers your spell cool down.
      • Hearts cost 80 & add 5 lives to your remaining lives count. You lose a life each time an enemy makes it to the left edge of the screen.
      • Coins cost 100 & add 200 gold to your battle.
      • Meteor costs 400 & summons a meteor swarm.
    • Guilds
      • Eventually you unlock a Guild Hall where you get side quests to complete to earn in-game upgrades like unlocking spells and other abilities.
      • You can get new side quests from the Mage or Thieves guilds anytime you unlock another level.
    • Skills
      • This game has 9 levels where you have more skills available to you as you progress through the game.
      • A table below highlights the various skill types, costs, and what they do.
      • Certain skills are required to beat certain levels. For example, the plague side mission requires you to to be able to summon golems with your runic mage.
      • You can reset your skill points and equip other attribute options from the skills screen & inside of the level battles you can adjust skills before each wave.
    • Achievements
      • The lower left corner of the overview map view of the game has a trophy with the achievements menu.
      • Who is it? Find where the bear is hiding.
      • Don’t Touch My Dwarves. No dwarf should be captured by the tentacle in classic mode.
      • Time is Running Out. Complete any level in rush mode.
      • A Natural Tactic. Complete any level in tactical mode.
      • About stones and stars. The task is hidden.
      • Millennial Kill. Kill the ogre with lightning.
      • All gathered. Summon 4 different dwarf classes in one location.
      • It’s time to steal. Unlock the theft skill in the thieves guild.
      • The path to victory. Everyone learns from mistakes. Lose levels 17 / 50 times.
      • Catch them all. We are afraid that dwarflets may bring down caves, we must stop them.
    • Play advice
      • Each location has 3 different basic stage types: classical, tactical & rush.
        • You can choose to play each version in either easy, medium or hard.
        • This game is quite challenging even on easy mode, so if you are not used to these types of games easy is a good starting point.
      • Build the right kinds of dwarves
        • Be sure to read the in-game advice as it can give you clues as to which dwarves may be the key to winning certain levels.
        • In general it can be helpful to have a mix of range and melee attackers working in conjunction.
        • When you are in the plague area you have to lean heavily on rune mages summoning golems.
      • Special characters
        • If you see a wolf in the background you can click on them to trigger a howl calling their pack.
        • The level with an octopus in it will have tentacles come out of the water and grab your dwarves. Click on the tentacles when you see them to protect your dwarves.
        • On the plague levels a grim reaper floats through the cloud of plague. When they smile in your direction it takes most of your health or fully kills off any dwarves near them. They have the same effect on your enemies if they turn right.
      • Leverage your spells
        • Using spells can help you augment your attack during periods of time when your dwarves are thin.
        • The attack, protect, and meteor spells replenish regularly.
        • Be sure to use your meteor spell on areas that are thick with enemies or on powerful enemies. The meteor spell takes a good bit of time to recharge, so do not use it casually.
      • Use your treasure
        • You can only store 200 gold in your treasury at most points in time. After you upgrade this feature it can go to 250.
        • If you call another wave of enemies sooner you can get bonus gold and this can set your gold well above the limit while letting you keep it.
        • If your gold is at or above the storage limit quickly create some dwarves so that you can earn more gold to buy other dwarves in the future.
      • Dying
        • This game offers unlimited continues, though dying can cost you gems.
      • Be careful with using the things you buy from the shop keeper & that appear in the lower right of your screen.
        • Those are not restored after used.
        • If you have many crystals saved up be sure to convert them into store purchases as you can lose some of the crystals whenever you fail a level.
        • If you are about to lose you can refresh the game to try to restart the level you were on.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for people who like cats or games similar to slide puzzles.
    • The game has no adult themed content.


The following table shows the skills you can purchase.

Skill Level Type Cost Description
Protection spell enhancement 2 Common 2 The “Protection” spell increases the armour of the dwarves by 30%.
Hit points increase. 2 Swordsman 3 Swordsman hit point increase.
Running 2 Swordsman 1 Swordsman speed increases 30%.
Range 2 Marksman 2 Shooting range increases.
Shot frequency 2 Marksman 3 Shooter strikes more frequently.
Protection spell enhancement 3 Common 1 The “Protection” spell increases the armour of the dwarves by 45%.
Attack spell enhancement 3 Common 2 The “Attack” spell increases attack speed by 15%.
Meteor spell enhancement 3 Common 2 The “Meteor” spell damage becomes 120.
Gold 4 Common 2 Every second get +5 gold.
Meteor spell enhancement 4 Common 1 The “Meteor” spell leaves a crater, causing 50 damage to passing enemies.
Experience 4 Common 3 Every unit type has 1 point of experience from the start of a mission.
Attack spell enhancement 4 Common 1 The “Attack” spell increases attack speed by 25%.
Experience 4 Swordsman 2 Swordsman gains 30% more experience.
Gold 4 Swordsman 1 Base tier swordsman earns gold with attack.
Attack 4 Marksman 2 Shooter has a chance to attack twice.
Gold 5 Common 1 Treasury can store more gold.
Meteor spell enhancement 5 Common 4 The “Meteor” spell summons an additional three small meteors.
Regeneration 5 Common 2 At the beginning of each wave, the dwarves base regenerates 1 hit point.
Protection spell enhancement 5 Common 2 The “Protection” spell increases the armour of the dwarves by 60%.
Attack 5 Marksman 2 Shooter partially ignores enemy physical armor.
Attack 5 Runic mage 2 Rune mage can attack flying creatures.
Attack 5 Runic mage 2 Sphere deals half damage to the next target after the main one.
Meteor spell enhancement 6 Common 2 The “Meteor” spell damage becomes 200.
Attack spell enhancement 6 Common 2 The “Attack” spell increases attack speed by 40%.
Cooldown 6 Common 2 Resets cooldown on magic when enemy wave is sped up.
Attack 6 Swordsman 2 Double damage from the first swordsman skill. Only valid for the first level swordsman.
Attack 6 Marksman 3 Shooter has a chance to poison the enemy.
Cost 6 Runic mage 2 The cost of summoning a rune mage is reduced.
Defense 6 Runic mage 2 Rune mage’s “Monk” gets immunity to negative effects.
Meteor spell enhancement 7 Common 2 The “Meteor” spell creates a crater that ignights enemies.
Attack 7 Runic mage 2 Rune mage’s basic attack slows an enemy.
Energy 7 Runic mage 2 Mage accumulates his energy in magicballs.
Regeneration 7 Hammerman 4 Hammer Dwarf regenerates health.
Meteor spell enhancement 8 Common 6 The “Meteor” spell now creates meteor swarm.
Attack spell enhancement 8 Common 2 The “Attack” spell increases attack speed by 50%.
Extra slot 8 Swordsman 2 Swordsman gains extra slot for first skill.
Range 8 Runic mage 2 Rune mage’s attack range is increased.
AOE 8 Hammerman 2 Hammerman AOE increases.
Immunity 9 Hammerman 2 Hammerman becomes immune to weak attacks.

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Defentures Game Skills Tree Screen Screenshot.
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Defentures Game Merchant Screen Screenshot.
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Defentures Game Mage Welcome Screenshot.
Defentures Game Paused Keyboard Tips Screen Screenshot.
Defentures Golem Screenshot.

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