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Lifespan Candle

This is a room escape puzzle platformer game where you must use the power of fire and water to help a candle reach the end of the level and set the goal on fire.

  • Move around the level and burn things as needed to create a path to the goal.
  • Activate switches and use water to turn your flame on or off as needed to ensure your candle does not melt too much before reaching the level goal.
  • Eat paraffin pills to regenerate more candle.
  • Set the goal placement on fire.





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Lifespan Candle Room Escape Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Move a burning candle to the level goal before the candle melts completely. Use water and fire to turn the candle flame on and off as needed.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the gray and black PLAY button on the game loading screen to bring up the welcome screen.
    • The welcome screen is almost like an introductory level. You must walk the candle over to the gaol position on the right before it finishes melting.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Jump using the up arrow key or by pressing the W key.
      • Move left with the left arrow key or by pressing the A key.
      • Move right with the right arrow key or by pressing the D key.
      • Press the R key to restart the current level.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • This game was designed for desktop computers with an attached keyboard.
  • Game Play
    • General tips
      • Timing
        • Once you have an idea for the general path for how to beat a level try to move quickly with the parts you are certain on to give yourself more time to experiment with the parts you are not certain.
        • Levels are not timed, so if you ever extinguish your flame you can move around the level to explore so that you know where & when to light your candle again along with how to complete the stage.
      • Lighting & extinguishing
        • Your candle flame is extinguished if rain drops fall on you or the wick goes underwater.
        • Your candle lights up if the wick at the top is near a flame for a second or two
        • Your candle must be lit at the very end of the level, but it need not be lit throughout the entire level.
      • Dying & continues
        • You die if your candle burns all the way down.
        • If your flame has been extinguished but you can not make it to the end of the level you can press the R button (or the button in the lower right corner of the screen) to restart the level.
        • You get unlimited continues in this game.
        • This game does not have a level select screen, so if you restart your browser you will start back at the first level.
      • Advice is offered on a per-level basis below.
    • Level advice
      • Welcome screen: Light your candle and run to the goal on the right.
      • Level 1: Walk right to light your candle. Walk left to set the leftmost wood boards on fire, clearing a path to the level goal on the far left.
      • Leve 2: Move left to the flame, then burn the board the cement block is on. Jump on the cement block, then on the right board before it burns away, and up to the level goal.
      • Level 3: Move far left and push the cinder block right. Jump on the cinder block, light your candle using the flame at the top of the screen & after you melt a bit move right to the level goal.
      • Level 4: Light the string on the left side of the level, then go in the water to put your flame out. Quickly run up the platforms on the right side of the screen and stand at the wood on the top to put your candle back on fire and go to the level goal.
      • Level 5: Collect the two white paraffin pills quickly to make your candle taller than the water. Run through the water to activate the switch to unblock the path to the exit, then jump back across the water to the level goal.
      • Level 6: burn the rope under the right cinder block. While that rope is burning collect the paraffin pills to regenerate more candle. When the right cinder block falls push it leftward so that the left cinder block falls on top of it. Climb the cinder blocks to the goal on the left.
      • Level 7: Quickly dive into the water on the left to extinguish your flame and save your candle. Collect both paraffin pills to regenerate more candle. Activate the switch that opens the red gate. Then walk right past the goal and jump up on the high ledge to set your candle aflame & go back to the goal.
      • Level 8: Stand on the switches on the left and right side to move the platforms left and right so that water can pour down and put out your fire. Once your flame is extinguished stand on the right red button until the top movable platform reach its left edge. Then climb the platforms on the right to the top. Light your candle on that left platform and reach the level goal. You have to be quite fast with the buttons initially in order not to melt your candle too far.
      • Level 9: Climb right & to the top. Push the cinder block onto the switch. Run back right while avoiding your flame getting put out.
        • Making the move right without getting your flame extinguished by the two water drops is hard if you try to jump across them, so if you wait to lite your candle until after pushing the cinder block then you end up with a somewhat tall candle and it is perhaps better to fall onto that platform with the two water drops falling onto it then run right under the water.
        • An alternate method is to light your candle on the way toward pushing the cinder block onto the switch and then to come flying off the top platform toward the bottom with a shorter candle.
        • The switch moves the platform on the bottom from right to left. Stay underneath it to keep your flame lit & jump along your path to collect the two paraffin pills to regenerate candle.
          • If you lit your candle on your way toward pushing the cinder block you have to catch the paraffin pills early to not melt away too much.
          • If you lit your candle after pushing the cinder block then you have to sprint to get under the moving platform before it passes by any of the rain drops that can extinguish your flames.
      • The End Screen: You can light the rope in the middle to burn it if you like. One fun goal on this screen is to light that rope then quickly put your candle out until the rope is burned & see if you can light your candle again using the flame on the letter n in the middle of the screen.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like level escape & logic puzzle platforming games.
      • Younger players can & should be warned about the dangers and risks of playing with fire.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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