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Mafia Billiard Tricks: Online 8 Ball Pool Adventure Game

You play as Gino Pullano, a young up-and-coming pool player who grew up in the rough city streets. You enter a humble establishment asking if you could learn a thing or two about pool from the Family. Learn the ropes from Cousin Vinnie and his cohorts, then take them on in a friendly game of 8-ball.

  • Learn various ball tricks to improve your pool game.
  • Make your bones in special challenges. Can you pocket all the balls in time?
  • Take on the entire mafia hierarchy until you go toe-on-toe with the Don himself.





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Mafia Billiard Tricks Pool Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As Gino Pullano, learn from and challenge eight mafioso mentors in a game of 8-ball pool. Take on the many pool challenges they present along the way.

  • Starting the Game
    • The game immediately begins with a cut scene showing our protagonist, Gino “Pooly” Pullano, talking to the low-level mobster Cousin Vinnie.
      • Every tutorial level has a brief cut scene.
      • You can press the skip button if you don’t want to watch the cut scene.
      • That said, you’re often better off listening to the tutorial if you’re playing for the first time.
    • Cousin Vinnie’s levels act as the game’s tutorial.
      • If you need a refresher, you can replay each level by selecting it on the checklist.
      • The first two levels are very basic, unranked tutorials with no star levels attached.
      • Every subsequent level has a star level tied to it.
    • Your browser automatically saves your star ratings and game progress.
  • Interface
    • Toggle the game’s audio by selecting the sound button on the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Pick the game’s language by selecting the flag icon on the lower right corner of the screen.
      • The game comes in the following languages:
        • English
        • French
        • German
        • Spanish
        • Portuguese
    • Select the mobster icon on the lower left to view the game’s credits.
    • Select the skip button on the upper right corner to get past the cut scene and play the game.
    • In-game, the spin button on the upper right corner allows you to shift where you strike the cue ball.
    • Select the pause button to go to the home page, reset the match, or turn the audio on and off.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Move the mouse to set the angle and trajectory of the cue ball.
      • Left click and drag to set the force of the cue ball.
      • To strike the cue ball, release the mouse.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • While this game might run in mobile devices, it was optimized for desktops using the left click of the mouse.
  • Game Play
    • In this game, you play against eight different mafiosos with increasing levels of difficulty.
      • To clear a level, you must play all the matches in order.
      • Each level appears as items in a check, often named for a turn of phrase associated with organized crime.
      • In each level, you have three standard challenges, plus a few unique to each level.
      • In both standard and level-themed challenges, you can pocket the cue (white) ball without penalty.
        • Hint: This may, in fact, be crucial to solve some of the challenges of the game.
      • Hit the pause button to stop the game momentarily.
    • Spinning the ball
      • The spin button lets you change the ball’s angle of trajectory.
      • Changing the position of the red dot allows you to change how the ball behaves.
        • Following: Hitting the top part of the cue ball. The cue ball continues to move after colliding with another ball.
        • Drawing: Hitting the bottom part of the cue ball. This causes the cue ball to go back to you.
        • English: Hitting either side of the cue ball. Doing this will cause the cue ball to deflect to the side.
      • Spinning is essential to making complex shots.
    • Standard challenges
      • Pocket all the balls within a specific number of shots.
        • Go over this level, and you fail the challenge.
        • Each number of shots has a corresponding star value.
        • To earn three stars, finish in the smallest number of shots as shown on the upper right corner of the screen.
      • Pocket all the balls as fast as you can.
        • You have only 120 seconds to pocket all of the balls on the table.
        • The faster you finish, the higher your star rating.
        • Many of these timed challenges follow the key lesson of the mobster in question.
      • Play a game of 8-ball against the mobster.
        • Once you’ve finished all the other challenges on the list, you must take on your mentor in a game of 8-ball pool.
    • Level-specific challenges
      • Each level comes with a lesson on the essentials of playing pool.
        • Mastering each of those skills is essential in gaining a 3-star rating on all the levels.
      • Each challenge is themed for the game’s key lesson.
        • These are often timed challenges.
        • Your star rating depends on your speed as well as your skill.
    • 8-Ball Pool
      • Objective
        • Be the first to pocket all the balls in your group.
        • Pocket the 8 ball.
      • Solids and Stripes
        • Your group is decided when you or your opponent pockets a ball on the opening turns.
        • If you pocket a striped ball, your opponent gets the solid balls.
        • Never strike or pocket a ball that isn’t in your group.
      • Turns
        • The starting turns alternate between levels. On the first level, you go first. On the second, your rival does, and so on.
        • Each player earns a turn when one player fails to pocket any of their balls.
        • If a player pockets a ball on their turn, they get to play another turn.
        • A player can win the entire game over a bunch of turns if they pocket the ball each time.
      • End Game
        • Once all their balls are pocketed, players must pocket the 8 ball to win the game.
        • Players must choose which pocket to attempt the shot at the 8 ball.
        • If they fail to pocket the 8 ball, the turn for the other player continues. Until this player loses a turn, one cannot attempt to pocket the 8-ball.
      • Fouls
        • Fouls can turn the tide of the game against
        • A foul happens when a player does one of the following things:
          • You pocket the cue ball.
          • You pocket an opposing player’s ball.
          • You hit a ball that didn’t belong to you with the cue ball.
          • You hit the 8 ball with the cue ball.
          • You pocket the 8 ball at any time other than the end game.
        • Most fouls allow the other player to move the ball without taking a shot.
        • Pocketing a ball outside your group removes two of your opponent’s balls from the field, including the one you pocketed.
        • Pocketing the 8-ball before the end game is an automatic lose condition.
  • Hints and Strategy
    • Pay attention to the angle of trajectory. This is crucial
    • Power vs. finesse
      • Temper the strength of your shots each time you make one.
      • Sometimes, a gentle nudge is all you need to pocket a ball safely.
      • Gentle moves can also help prevent penalties.
        • A slow moving cue ball with avoid collisions with balls other than your own.
        • The cue ball is also less likely to get pocketed this way.
    • Think outside the box.
      • Sometimes, the straightforward choice will not be the best one.
      • Feel free to experiment with spinning the ball. It could help you make a shot from a different direction.
      • This works for both challenges and the 8-ball games.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for teenagers and adult fans of 8-ball billiards, as well as fans of mafia fiction.
    • This game has violent themes and references not suitable for young children.

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