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OK K.O. Lets be Heroes: Parking Lot Wars Game

This is an action RPG fighting game where you play Kaio Kincaid, Enid Mettle, and friends fighting off Box-More robots to defend and control Lakewood Plaza.

  • Assemble a team of 3 super heroes.
  • Select a square from the 9 squares in the parking lot to battle the Box-More robots in.
  • Move your players around the square strategically and fight to defeat the robots.
  • Get three squares in a row (just like tic-tac-toe) to win.





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Alternatively kids and parents can play this fun cartoon action RPG fighting game as a web application .

OK KO Hero & Villain Characters

In this game you create a team of three players from the following options: K.O., Enid, Rad, Carol, and Mr. Gar.

  • Initially the first three characters are unlocked. The next two characters take 500 points each to unlock.
  • As you score points by winning battles you can buy upgrades to existing heroes and unlock new heroes.
    • Hero upgrades cost 1000 and add 1 or 2 to your move distance and 10 to your health or damage. Each character can only be upgraded once.
    • As you power up your characters the game gets more difficult because the computer also powers up their characters.
  • Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses. Attributes which may vary include
    • move distance
    • attack distance
    • attack strength
    • special abilities

OK KO Character Attributes

The following table highlights the attributes for each character on your team and the evil robots you must defeat. Cells with 2 values in them show the attribute before and after upgrading the character.

Character Movement Health Damage Attack Range Special Ability Team
K.O. 3 -> 4 70 20 -> 30 1 Extra Move Lakewood
Enid 4 60 -> 70 10 2 Extra Attack Lakewood
Rad 3 80 10 2 -> 3 Heal Others Lakewood
Carol 3 -> 4 60 -> 70 20 2 Heal Yourself Lakewood
Mr. Gar 2 -> 4 80 30 1 Splash Damage Lakewood
Boxman 3 60 20 2 Extra Attack Box-More
Darrell 4 50 10 2 Heal Yourself Box-More
Raymond 2 60 10 3 Heal Others Box-More
Ernesto 2 70 30 1 Splash Damage Box-More
Shannon 3 60 10 2 Extra Attack Box-More
Jethro 4 50 20 1 Extra Move Box-More

OK KO Character Descriptions

The game provides character overviews for each player. The first 5 are playable characters while the final six are enemies you will face in the game.

  • Kaio Kincaid – K.O. may be the greatest hero one day, but for now he is the greatest fanboy.
  • Enid – Almost as powerful as her martial arts skills is her teen angst. She tends to react to customers and evil robots with equal amounts of eye rolling.
  • Rad – He has a seemingly endless array of alien powers, most notably a finger beam that can be used to manipulate objects. He can also levitate, making himself briefly look as BIG as he acts.
  • Carol – K.O.’s ultra strong mom, who trained him from birth. Carol runs the fitness dojo. she used to be a great hero alongside Mr. Gar, but has been happy to settle down into a quieter life at the plaza.
  • Mr. Gar – Mr. Gar always knows what to do, and is amazing at solving problems. Unfortunately for K.O., Rad & Enid, Mr. Gar is usually away from the plaza conducting hero business, leaving them to sort things out themselves.
  • Boxman – A haughty cyborg villain who runs an evil base across the street. He builds evil robots and sells them to other villains. He’s all business and hates all types of jokes and merriment.
  • Darrell – Darrells are known for their cunning trickery and resourcefulness. They suck up to Lord BoxMan as loyal stooges. Shoots missiles when threatened.
  • Ernesto – LordBox Man created them to be fellow executives. Super strong and super tough, Ernestos can roll around in a ball form.
  • Jethro – DUMB. Really dumb. Jethros march forward until they hit something, BoxMan sends waves of them at enemies. Cannon fodder.
  • Raymond – SUPER FAST and super deadly. Raymonds have a sports player/coach relationship with Lord BoxMan.
  • Shannon – Shannons have a TON of weapons and can transform into things. Lord BoxMan treats them like spoiled daughters.

OK KO Lets be Heroes: Parking Lot Wars Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Assemble a team and move your characters around the board to fight the evil Boxmore robots. Get three squares in a row for a tic-tac-toe victory.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click or tap on the purple button with the yellow arrow at the bottom of the welcome screen.
    • The welcome screen also has a sound control button in the upper right corner and an informational background button in the upper left corner.
    • Your game progress is automatically stored in your local web browser.
    • On your first play through the game it automatically offers you an instructional tour of how to move your player, how to attack opponents, and what your attributes are.
  • Game Controls
    • Click on your character to move them or initiate an attack.
      • You can move a player to any square which is purple when it is clicked on.
      • You can attack any nearby square which has a red target on it.
      • If your character is gray it means you have used all of its moves.
      • Characters have special abilities which periodically recharge & can be used in addition to the regular battles.
      • You can end your turn with moves remaining if you wish to.
      • When you have no moves remaining
  • Strategy
    • Tic-tac-toe square selection
      • If it is your first round playing the game and you are uncertain how well you will do it can make sense to pick a piece in the middle of a side so if you lose it that isn’t the end of the world.
      • If you are confident you will win and are starting a new round it can make sense to pick the middle square.
      • If you or the Box-More robots are close to having a tic-tac-toe you can try picking the remaining needed square to finish the round quickly.
      • If you would like to score points and are winning big then you can select other unimportant squares to keep scoring more points instead of beating the game.
      • You get to pick every other square while the computer picks every other square.
    • Movement
      • On each turn the player gets to move all 3 of their pieces, then the computer gets to move their three pieces.
        • Turns are alternated between the player and the computer until one team has no players remaining.
        • If you move to the wrong square there is an undo button which lets you reset the piece placement and start your turn again.
      • When you attack an opponent you get the first hit. When they attack you they get the first hit.
        • If a character is defeated in the middle of a battle they do not get to hit back.
      • Some players can only attack the adjacent squares, while other players can attack 2 or 3 squares away.
        • If your attack range is longer than that of your opponent you can hit them without hitting back.
        • The opposite is also true.
      • Each map has islands on it which prevent moving in certain directions.
      • You can not move through other characters without first defeating them.
      • If you click on a character of your own the filled in purple boxes show how far you can move and the transparent boxes with purple borders show where you could attack to.
      • If you click on a character on the opposing team filled in orange boxes show how far they can move on the next round and the transparent boxes with orange borders show what squares they could attack.
    • Aggression & attack order
      • In general it is best to keep your team close together so multiple members of your team can attack a particular opponent in a round.
      • If you have a weak player which is almost dead you can move them away from the battle or first attack with a stronger player with more health and save your weakest player for when the opponent only has 5 or 10 HP remaining.
      • The AI of the computer is not as smart as you might think it should be. For example, on one play where the computer only had 5 hit points left they ran up to attack while ignoring the health-restoring first aid kit which was one square away.
      • When you attack a person they typically hit you back with half the strength they hit with when they initiate an attack (provided they are within attack range so they can hit you).
    • Colors
      • Players in the game have 3 base colors (in the center of the circle they are standing on) where they can take extra HP off of enemies of their target color.
        • Green (brain) takes extra HP off of blue (shield).
        • Blue (shield) takes extra HP off of yellow (strength).
        • Yellow (strength) takes extra HP off of green (brain).
    • Scoring points
      • Even if you lose a square you can gain 100 XP for playing that square.
      • When you win a square the amount of XP you gain depends on how well you perform in the battle, with more points being rewarded if you have all of your characters remaining.
    • Bonus items
      • Throughout the level there are bonus pickup items. To pick up a bonus item you must land on that square and stop rather than passing through a square.
        • Coins – adds to your experience gamed from the level
        • Sword – doubles your attack strength
        • Boots – doubles your travel range
        • Gloves – allows you to double your attack range
        • First aid kit – add up to 40 health
        • Candy – adds an extra round to your bonus status

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OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes Parking Lot Wars Tic Tac Toe Won Screenshot.
OK K.O. Let's Be Heroes Parking Lot Wars Lakewood Plaza Rules Screenshot.

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