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TMNT Pizza Quest: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG

Pizza Quest is a fun and challenging online fighting game where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battle enemies in round after round of combat. Power-up with special skills to both attack and defend.

  • Attack and defend against opponents.
  • Use the special skills available to each turtle.
  • Earn upgrades to boost health, defence and attack characteristics
  • Defeat opponents to progress to the next round.





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Kids and adults can play this online TMNT roll playing battle game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children can play this free online Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG arcade game as a web application .

TMNT Pizza Quest Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Fight through waves of enemies and power up your turtles to defeat more powerful enemies.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click anywhere on the title screen to start.
      • The game will show you the instructions. Click on the instructions to advance through the screens. Click X to close instructions.
      • Click the Go button to start.
    • If it is your first play the game will start you at level one.
      • If you have played before your local web browser saves your progress (levels beat, turtle strength, unlocked allies, equipped items, and more).
      • When you restart the game you will start on the first level in a group of 10 (e.g. if you die on level 44 and restart the game later you will start out on level 41).
      • When you beat the game you start back out at level 1 but all the enemies are stronger.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Click the left button to select items.
      • Click the enemy to attack.
      • Click on the silver cog top right to toggle the sound or quit the round.
    • On touchscreen devices you use your finger like a mouse.
      • Touch the character and options to select.
      • Tap the enemy to attack.
      • Tap a turtle to defend, or to give a special action to another, such as healing.
  • Game Play
    • This is a turn based game.
      • Your turtles surround your enemy.
      • Each turtle takes a turn.
      • Each turtle can choose to attack, defend of undertake a custom action when it is their turn.
    • Hover your mouse over the actions, shown as circular buttons, at the top. Hovering will reveal the action:
      • The first action is attack. This allows you to mount a basic attack on your opponent.
      • The second action is defend. This will make your character step back. If you are low on health, it can be a good idea to defend rather than attack.
      • The third action differs depending on context. For one character, it might mean you can choose to heal another character. For another, it might mean pilfering loot from an opponent. For another yet, it might indicate conducting a focused power attack or a lower level attack which hits (or attempts to hit) all enemies on the screen.
    • Rounds & upgrades
      • As you defeat each opponent, you either collect coins or special items. These will be available for your to use when you get back to the lair.
      • At the end of each round, you continue on to the next round.
        • You keep fighting until either you beat the game or all of your characters perish & then you return to the lair, or you can voluntarily go to the lair early.
        • To go to the lair early click on the gray gear near the top right of the screen.
      • Rounds are grouped in sets of 10.
        • The first couple rounds tend to have a fairly weak enemy.
        • The next couple rounds have a couple weak enemies.
        • Then there is a mini-boss battle in the fifth round.
        • Then 4 more rounds with 3 to 4 enemies each.
        • Then the boss battle in the tenth round of the set.
          • Knowing where you are in a round set can help determine your strategy with how aggressively you use your AP.
          • You should ensure you have solid HP and AP heading into the fifth and tenth battles since those enemies are stronger. Some of those enemies can do many dozens of HP damage per hit.
        • If you die on level 37 then when you continue you go back to the lair to equip power ups then would start off at level 31.
        • The game has 150 levels. After you beat the game it starts you back at level 1 with harder enemies.
    • In the lair, you can exchange your coins for power-ups. Click on each box to review power-ups and click “Get” to make a purchase.
      • Items include extra attack damage, extra defense capabilities, magic boosts and attracting allies.
        • Attracting allies adds to the characters available to fight your battles against opponents.
        • As a turn-based game, playing with an ally means you get 5 chances to hit the enemies per turn instead of 4.
      • You can also click on a character to change their items. Each item has different capabilities. Depending on the item you choose, you may increase or decrease attack strength, defense strength, critical hit chance, health regeneration, special attack power regeneration, and special capabilities.
    • You will face tougher opponents as you advance through the rounds. Balance your attack with defense and use special capabilities to your advantage.
      • For example, if one of your teammate is low on health, you may choose to take all damage for the team on the next turn (Leo) with another turtle while a second turtle (Mikey) feeds them pizza to restore their health.
      • I like to play Don first and use his group attack when there is more than 1 enemy to inflict damage across the board. If you can level up Don high enough you can kill all enemies with the group attack in a single hit.
  • Upgrades
    • You can buy and upgrade the following items: television, bean bag chair, kitchen, zen garden, dummy, arcade machine, and Leo’s lab.
    • For most items which can be upgraded (e.g. TV, bean bag, dummy, arcade machine & Leo’s lab) there are 5 tiers of upgrades costing 500, 1,500, 5,500, 15,500 and 35,000.
    • The zen garden allows you to upgrade your turtles.
      • The turtle upgrades go to at least level 10, though I was able to beat the game with two turtles at level 5, one at level 6 and one at level 8.
      • Each level increases some combination of your attack power, defense, and critical attack chance. Round upgrades are cumulative, so even if you only increase your attack one or two and your defenses 3 or 4 it adds up to a lot after many rounds.
      • Upgrades start off cheap but get geometrically more expensive. A level 6 upgrade costs 31,500 while a level 10 upgrade costs 82,500.
    • The kitchen can be used to bake pizzas to attract allies.
      • Cheese costs 50 and is for Master Splinter.
      • Pepperoni costs 2,500 and is for April O’Neil.
      • Pepperoni & Onions costs 4,500 and is for Casey Jones.
      • Guac & Marshmallows costs 7,500 and is for Karai (equip the helmet item drop on Karai to enable her far more powerful snake form).
      • Onions & Anchovies costs 10,000 and is for Fugitoid.
      • Choc Sprinkles & Clams costs 13,000 and is for Slash.
      • Peanut Butter & Clams costs 17,500 and is for Mondo Gecko.
      • PB, Avocado & Pickles costs 20,000 and is for Metalhead.
      • Butterscotch & Anchovies costs 25,000 and is for Mona Lisa.
      • Tuna Fish, PB & Jelly costs 30,000 and is for Shinigami.
    • Item drops
      • All 9 weapon upgrades for each turtle are in-game item drops. You must equip the new weapons in the lair to use them.
      • You can also obtain the following items in battle They must also be equipped in the lair.
        • Mutagen Tracker increases HP regen 5% per turn.
        • T-phones increase the teamwide critical hit chance by 2%.
        • Heart of Darkness is a single-use instant-takedown device.
        • Tessen adds a bonus to your attack.
        • Ninja Smoke Bombs prevent attacks against a user for 1 turn.
        • Skateboard offers an attack bonus and increases your evade chances.
        • Mind control device has a 50% chance of confusing each of the enemies in the subsequent turn.
        • Donatello’s laptop increases max AP.
        • Cheese Phone regens 5% of AP per round.
        • Stunner has a 25% chance of freezing each enemy for a turn.
        • Kuro Kabuto makes it extra hard to inflict damage. Installing this helmet on Karai unlocks her snake form.
        • Kraang laser gun adds a bonus to your attack.
        • Grappling hook increases your endurance.
        • Examination Googles increases your chance of a critical hit by 10%.
        • Ice Cream Kitty increases the chance an enemy attack misses by 10%.
        • Time Scepter freezes enemies for 5 turns. This is a rare item which is consumed upon use.
        • Breathing Apparatus protects you from enemy attacks.
        • Sol Star is a rare item which provides a 25% increase in your chance of a critical hit.
        • T-pod increases your damage and increases the chance of a critical attack by 5%.
        • Electro Grenade offers a 10% chance of a critical hit.
        • P-Shake regens 8% of your HP per turn.
        • Mousernip distracts enemies, which causes them to miss their attacks more often.
        • Tegaki provides a bonus to your attack.
        • Semulacks provides a bonus to money received.
  • Achievements
    • The game has many built in achievements which you complete as you play through the game. Many achievements may take beating the game 4 or 5 times.
      • Beat a mouser, beat 15 mousers, beat 30 mousers.
      • Beat a strong mouser, beat 15 strong mousers, beat 30 strong mousers.
      • Beat a footbot, beat 15 footbots, beat 30 footbots.
      • Beat a strong footbot, beat 15 strong footbots, beat 30 strong footbots.
      • Beat an elite footbot, beat 15 elite footbots, beat 30 elite footbots.
      • Beat a Kraang, beat 15 Kraangs, beat 30 Kraangs.
      • Beat a disguised Kraang, beat 15 disguised Kraangs, beat 30 disguised Kraangs.
      • Beat a Kraang bot, beat 15 Kraang bots, beat 30 Kraang bots.
      • Beat a Triceraton, beat 15 Triceratons, beat 30 Triceratons.
      • Beat a Vreen, beat 15 Vreens, beat 30 Vreens.
      • Beat a Vreen in battle mode, beat 15 Vreens in battle mode, beat 30 Vreens in battle mode.
      • Defeat bosses including: Armaggon, Bebop, Chrome Dome, Creep, Lord Vrinagath Dregg, Fishface, Captain Mozar, Mutagen Man, Newtralizer, Pizza Face, Kraang Prime, Hun + Purple Dragons, Rahzar, The Rat King, Rocksteady, Shredder, Stockman-Fly, Tiger Claw, Lieutenant Zax and Zog (each boss is a different achievement).
      • Defeat 10 enemies, 100 enemies, and 1,000 enemies.
      • Get to the rooftops, Shredder’s lair, Dimension X, and Outer Space (each location is a separate achievement).
      • Upgrade based achievements: get all allies (from making pizzas), get all of Mikey’s weapons (each turtle has 10 weapons), get all of Raph’s weapons, get all of Donny’s weapons, get all of Leo’s weapons, and get every in-game upgrade.
      • Beat level 150 (achievement based on beating the game).
      • Discover Karai’s snake form.
  • Advanced Gameplay Strategy
    • There are a couple general rules of RPG games which apply here:
      • do whatever it takes to keep all your players alive so you get more hits per turn
      • take out the weakest enemies first (or the strongest enemy you are certain you can defeat in a single round) so that your opponents get fewer hits per round
    • The above two rules sort of have subset ideas associated with them as well.
      • use your power attacks early in the round to clear enemies out ASAP
      • If the opponent has many enemies on the screen at once use Donatello’s Dervish Dance to take a bit of health from each right away
      • if you have weak health on a turtle and there is only one weak enemy left in the round then you can feed that turtle pizza & defend that turtle with another turtle. If you have equipped items that regenerate HP you can keep clicking on defend with all your turtles so that the HP gets to regenerate for many turns before moving on to the next battle.
      • If you are about to die in a battle you can click the gear in the upper right corner to go back to your lair.
    • Each time you die, make sure you equip new gathered items and upgrade your turtles.
      • Allies
        • One of the first things you should unlock is the kitchen. There are 10 different pizzas you can buy & each of them attracts a different ally of different strength. Even buying the cheapest pizza and adding splinter to your squad will help tilt the balance of power in your favor significantly.
        • The TV determines what tier level your ally is at.
        • When you rotate out allies they do not transfer items across, so you have to unequip them from one ally before adding them back to the other.
        • The allies are super valuable on your first play through the game, though after you have beat the game a couple consecutive times the allies have less value as they often get one-hit killed in the boss battles on the levels ending in 5 and 0. You can level your turtles well into the hundreds on subsequent plays.
          • Once your turtles are powered up enough you can use an AP hit every round with the AP regenerating by round. This makes it so you can beat most regular levels without the opponent having a chance to hit.
          • On the rounds ending in 5 and 0 I used Leo’s “Warrior’s Protection” so that the end bosses can not hit the ally and I can play the game straight through with no deaths.
      • Your turtles
        • Each individual turtle can be upgraded at your own pace in the zen garden.
        • Upgrades increase in price geometrically, so for most players it makes sense to keep most turtles around the same level.
          • The turtle I upgraded most early in the game on the first play through was Mikey since he was the one with pizza which can be fed to himself or other turtles to restore HP.
          • Donatello has two power attacks. One of them is an attack which does damage to all enemies on the screen.
            • This is convenient to use for when enemies have just more than enough HP for one turtle to beat, or when one enemy has only 1 or 2 HP left and you want to spread your attack across many enemies.
            • If you power up Don high enough you can wipe out all enemies at once in a single hit using the D
          • Leonardo has the ability to play defense in a way he takes a hit for other turtles for a turn, so you could also justify upgrading him for that feature, though offense is more important than defense in this game as you always get to attack first & the opponent usually only hits 1 of your turtles.
          • After beating the game I played once more to upgrade all attributes other than the turtles & tested how far the turtles can be upgraded.
            • I leveled Mikey up to level 13 and level 14 would cost 157,500.
            • After playing once more I got Mikey up to level 18. Level 19 would cost 285,000 to upgrade to.
            • A third play got Mikey up to level 22 with level 23 costing 414,000.
            • I then upgraded the other turtles a bit and beat the game again, still unable to find the character which is in the final challenge on the challenge menu. I powered up the turtles and beat the game without dying and I still did not get that final achievement unlocked.
              • Another issue is there is an unlock for beating 1,000 opponents and I did not unlock that in spite of beating the game 3 times.
              • Each 10-round set contains roughly 23 enemies (1, 1, 2, 2, 1 or 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 1 or 2), and there is 15 10-round sets in the 150 level game, so
            • I am not sure if these cap out at level 50 or if you can keep playing the game forever with the enemies getting harder as you advance and repeatedly beat the game. I ended up in the 40s and it felt like it just kept on going
        • Teamwide upgrades
          • The fight dummy increases your passive attack bonus by up to 3 HP.
          • The arcade game increases your passive critical attack bonus by up to 15%.
          • Donny’s lab increases your passive item find bonus by up to 25%.
          • The bean bag chair increases your passive health bonus by up to 10 HP.
          • Some items you equip impact not only that specific player but your teamwide attributes.
      • Weapons
        • You can not buy weapon upgrades. You obtain them as drops from defeated enemies.
        • Each turtle has a total of 10 weapons in the game assigned specifically to them.
        • The initial weapon starts off with a +1 attack and no boost to defense or critical attack. The final weapon for each turtle is +19 attack, +7 for defense, and +7 for critical attack.
      • Other upgrades
        • There are 24 different in-game items you can equip. Each turtle can hold 2 other items along with their weapon.
        • Your ally can hold 3 items.
        • Early in the game there is a stack of cash you can equip which gives you bonus money per round & a tegaki (sort of like black brass knuckles with blades) which adds 2 to your attack. These are good items to equip until you start to power up your turtles & gain better upgrades.
        • Later in the game if you can it is great to use power ups that regenerate your HP and AP.
          • The mutagen tracker & the P-shake which regenerate 5% & 8% of your health each turn.
            • You could even equip 2 or 3 P-shakes on an ally if they did not have a magic attack and you wanted them to be harder to defeat.
          • Donatello’s laptop increases your max AP by 6. Later you can equip the cheese phone which regenerates 5% of your AP per round.
    • When you beat the game you can start back at level 1 against a stronger set of enemies and work on completing upgrades across the game.
  • Audience
    • This game will suit all age levels.
      • You get an unlimited number of continues on this game.
      • The game’s strategic complexity increases as you get into later rounds, though even if you repeatedly die you can grind away at leveling up your turtles, equipping more powerful items & attracting more powerful allies.
    • There are no adult themes.

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