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Penguin Cafe: Restaurant Serving Simulation Game

This is a beautiful, challenging game based on the popular pizza restaurant game genre – with an arctic twist! Go as fast as you can to serve your demanding customers with pizza and other treats. Earn tips and upgrade your restaurant to earn even more money.

  • Play 25 icy levels that get more and more challenging.
  • Don’t mix up the orders or you won’t get a tip.
  • Save your tips and earn upgrades to thrive and prosper.





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Kids and adults can play this online restaurant game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children can play this free online cartoon hospitality game as a web application .

Penguin Cafe Pizza Restaurant Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Play as a waitress and serve your demanding customers. Get their orders right and make sure they are served their pizza fast and hot!. Play through the challenging stages but you can only progress if you meet the sales targets set for each round.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the yellow Play button to start the game.
      • After selecting the Play button, you will see a map showing the various levels. Your cafe floats off the coast of various locations and moves to different locations.
      • There is a sound control in the top right hand corner.
      • The game has 25 levels, each indicated by a bubble with a padlock.
      • Click or tap on the first bubble to start at level one.
      • The first level will provide a quick tutorial. Click the right arrow to progress through the instruction screens.
  • In-Game User Interface
    • On the top left hand corner of the screen is the timer. You’re unlikely to have much time to watch this, though it shows you when you will be closed to new customers.
    • On the top right is the pause button.
      • The pause button will also take you to the map so you can check your progress.
  • Game Play
    • Play as the penguin waitress, Berta.
      • Click on a waiting customer then click on a table to seat them.
        • The customer will read the menu.
        • Take an order from the customer by clicking on them.
        • Wait for the kitchen to prepare the order. Remember who ordered what!
        • Collect the meal by clicking on the food item from the kitchen .
        • Deliver the meal to the customer by clicking on their table.
        • When the customer is finished, clear the table and collect your tip by clicking on the cash.
      • As you increase levels, the customers arrive faster and the more table you need to serve.
        • The game starts slow with a single table and customer at a time, but by the time you are on level 6 there are 4 tables and if you can’t keep up there can be a line out the door.
      • Get the timing right & anticipate the patterns.
        • If you leave a customer waiting too long, your tip won’t be great. Go as fast as you can!
        • If you are already near the counter before the food is delivered be sure to click on the food to pick it up as sometimes you might go away without the food.
        • It’s best to anticipate when an order will be ready, or when someone will need something, ahead of time, as it will take you time to zig-zag around the tables. The secret to a fast time is to be proactive. Devise a system whereby you cycle through two or three tasks slightly before when they are needed.
      • If you get an order wrong, place it in the trash and take the order again. If you’re quick, you can make up for a mistake.
      • When you complete the day, you will be shown if you reached your goal. If you haven’t, you can’t progress the level until you do. Click the replay arrow to try again.
      • Click on the shopping bag to go to the catering industry supply shop. You can buy various items to upgrade your service ability and restaurant.
        • Ice-P Blender: speeds up the kitchen service for 999.
        • Sir-sits-a-lot: upgrades the restaurant seat quality, which leads to higher tips. It costs 2,499.
        • Fancy tablecloth: upgrades the restaurant brand image, which attracts wealthier customers and leads to higher tips. It costs 1,499.
        • Igloo Peruk Swedish glare resistant curtains: upgrades the restaurant quality, which leads to better customer mood and higher tips. It costs 4,999.
        • Sub-zero woofers. Make long queues bearable, which buys you more time to seat guests before they get angry. It costs 1,999.
        • Frostblister Skates. Increase your serving speed as you move around the restaurant. They cost 499.
      • As you progress through the levels, your task becomes much harder. There are more tables, customers arrive faster, and customers get grumpier sooner.
        • The goal is to get a 3 star rating on each level. If you get a one star or two star you still unlock the next level and keep the tips you earned that day.
        • You can play previously beat levels again. When you do, you earn new tip income that can be used to buy upgrades.

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Cafe Penguin Game Screenshots

Penguin Cafe Welcome Screen Screenshot.
Penguin Cafe Game Screenshot.
Penguin Cafe Day Complete Screenshot.
Penguin Cafe Shop Screenshot.
Penguin Cafe First Map Screenshot.
Penguin Cafe Second Map Screenshot.

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